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How old is your website's content?

Discover the websites, social media and other content in your digital estate and find insights to make it more effective.

Find up to 50 of your digital estate's websites and get detailed insights on the first 20

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Digital estate dysfunction

Corporations, universities and governments typically have unruly networks of websites, social media accounts and other digital content.

These digital estates aren't well understood and measures of their online effectiveness are usually lacking.

We're working to fix both problems.

Mapping the content maze

We uncover websites, microsites, subsites, profile pages, old campaigns, test sites, staging sites, abandoned projects, social media accounts and other digital estate content.

We map the content our discovery algorithm finds as it traverses dozens, hundreds or even thousands of related websites, so you can decide what stays and what goes.

Collecting data to deliver insights

As we survey each site we collect data. Lots of data.

We use that data to extract actionable insights, to understand how effectively content addresses its audiences and tells stories.

We call our evolving framework to measure online effectiveness Digital eQ™.

Needles and haystacks

Our robust website crawler drives discovery: tested and tuned to navigate complex webpages and track down relevant digital content. We process all JavaScript to ensure nothing gets missed.

And, each discovery exercise can be fine tuned to ensure the algorithms work most effectively for a digital estate's specific characteristics.

Keeping it relevant

Our discovery algorithms are smart and keep searches relentlessly focused on relevant digital content.

But, sometimes algorithms need help. So, we automatically check website ownership databases and our own URL reference database of hundreds of thousands of commonly encountered URLs and who's really behind them.

Generating Insights

Our discovery algorithms work in conjunction with hundreds of code, content and technology inspection rules to turn data into insights.

They tell you if pages are accessible, provide good user experiences, display old content, collecting visitor feedback, respect data privacy or are secure.